Want to Join The Team of Chris & Debbie Cloud?


CHRIS AND DEBBIE CLOUD are dynamic and very active to address what they see is needed.  They looked at many different types of real estate companies out there, and determined the training, the technology, the support and the overall model of EXIT was a good fit.  They are a team that brands what they do in their community and support an active lifestyle.  Thus, needed a company that supported this process! EXIT is a by invitation only company, so start a dialogue and let see if EXIT might fight well with your wants and desires.   



EXIT REALTY PROS is the right place for Chris and Debbie.  Here a group of independent, professional Realtors and Providers work well together to “Git ‘er Done.”  The office is located in Old Town Manassas at 9244 Center Street, and is set up for doing some serious real estate. This EXIT office focuses on hands on experience, advanced education and continued support to ensure the best possible solutions. Whether you are buying, selling, renting or leasing any type of property including residential, commercial, land and investment properties, EXIT Realty Pros is ready to make it happen for you! Vicki Cloud (Principal Broker) & Patrick Cloud (Realtor) are The Owners of the franchise and Top Producers (The Cloud Team) with multi-generational experience in sales, marketing and real estate (its second nature since its in there genes). Here at EXIT Realty Pros, they know what needs to happen and are prepared to simplify the complexity of finding properties, negotiating deals and ensuring any real estate transaction is the best experience possible.



AT THE CLOUD DIFFERENCE you have the chance to work with a world class group of people that will teach you a tremendous amount about being a positive, ethical and successful agent.  Then coming in under Debbie & Chris Cloud you are joining The CLOUD Difference that is all about providing the next level of dynamic relations to ensure clients are excited about their newest real estate venture.  Here you to find your own brand and build your own business with the best support available on the market.  We will work with brand new agents or those that have been with other brokerages and looking for something new. 


"Please see the below information about EXIT REALTY International.  We are here to support our team to be successful.  Joining our team DOES NOT mean supporting our brand or working for us.  Joining our team means having the support and guidance to jump on your own band wagon and build your own success.  We are interested in those willing to take this one and build their own selves with integrity and expertise as Realtors in a very complex and competitive industry.

If you like what you read about EXIT INTERNATIONAL, reach out and see if The CLOUD Difference team is the place for you!  This is an invitation to start a dialogue about your future."  Debbie & Chris Cloud


The EXIT Formula - A Powerful Idea! 

EXIT Realty Corp. International has a unique ingredient; one that is revolutionizing the real estate industry. Known as the EXIT Formula, this new earnings generator has been specifically engineered to enhance the return on invested time for brokers and salespeople alike.

Thanks to this proven Formula and business model, EXIT’s trajectory has been set to include the opening of 3,600 franchises in North America with over 100,000 sales representatives by the year 2020.




The Most Impactful Training Systems in Real Estate

At EXIT Realty we are committed to creating the most highly trained and skilled professionals in the real estate industry. We provide the tools for each agent, rookie or veteran, to become thoroughly trained in successful real estate sales and our training is taught by some of the industry's leading top producers who work exclusively for EXIT. Designed to remove and eliminate the inhibitions and anxieties that have rendered so many salespeople average, EXIT's MIND-SET Training Programs range from topics such as initiation, finalization and negotiation to personality profiles and strategic planning. No matter what your real estate career level, there's a training program perfectly suited to your needs. When you join EXIT, you're making it your business to get the finest and best return on your invested time.





At EXIT Realty, we help each agent brand him or herself and then we show you how to market that brand to the community to get more leads. We teach you how to bundle the power and recognition of the EXIT name with your own unique selling proposition and present them in the most compelling way to your prospects and clients. EXIT’s one-stop, robust, affordable marketing resource, EXIT Promo Shop, contains a CRM, newsletters, campaigns, flyers and much more. EXIT Realty removes the B and C priorities allowing agents to focus on the A priority of selling real estate.





Tech To The Max!

At EXIT Realty, we seek out the latest technology tools available in real estate and then we teach each agent how to use them. We understand that technology is only beneficial if you’re trained on how to use it effectively and then you apply it to increase your business. Our public-facing website and comprehensive company intranet are adaptive to meet the increasing demands of agents and the public on the go. We offer paperless solutions, text capture for listings, a secure central database to manage commissions, on-demand training and so much more. In addition our support team is only a phone call, click or email away.





At EXIT Realty, we are a by-invitation-only company and because of this, everyone has a vested interested in the growth of the company. As a result we’ve built a team that is supportive and fun, encouraging one another much like a good family would do. Whether working together on a Habitat for Humanity build, accompanying a top producer on a listing appointment or sharing best practices during a weekly sales meeting, not only do we talk about having a helpful supportive culture, we live it. We live it every day in brokerages across the continent when one agent reaches out to help another and we live it at our biggest event of the year, our Annual Convention. Connect with us on social media and see for yourself.





What Are Residuals?

At EXIT Realty, we provide a unique opportunity for agents to earn more than 100% with no desk fees. Traditional real estate is two-dimensional; taking listings and making sales. The EXIT Formula is revolutionizing the real estate industry with its third dimension; single level residual income. Only EXIT Associates can earn residual income by a process known as sponsoring and the real estate industry is buzzing with the concept of 10% sponsoring residuals, 7% retirement residuals and 5% beneficiary benefits. Watch the video for more information then ask yourself if you could do anything with a million dollars in your bank account in 10 years. If the answer is yes, contact us for a confidential conversation.





FOR MORE INFORMATION Call Chris & Debbie. 

Dealing in Real Properties is a complicated industry and many facets to the business.  The TEAM is straight forward, and will share their experience, knowledge and what to honestly expect. 

There are a wide variety of information out there about the business and how to jump in.  Some will tell you, two weeks and you can start making a fortune.  Some will say you only need $2000 to get going. There is more to it than some lead you to believe.

Debbie & Chris believe in doing things right.  Thus, there is a bit more to it than what others might "SELL" you.  They would love to discuss your situation, your plan and let you know strategically what to plan to make this happen.  Reach out...



BASIC OUTLINE ON HOW to Get Your Real Estate License:

  • Sign up to take your principals in real estate course (Exit Realty Pros offers courses regularly)
  • Study & pass your course exam
  • Schedule, study & pass your PSI State & National Exams
  • Schedule & pass your Fingerprint Background Check
  • Interview & choose a Brokerage
  • Submit your DPOR Licence Application 
  • Set up your business structure & prepare for starting real estate business
  • Take your new Brokerage training for new real estate agents
  • Join all the real estate organizations & take the needed classes to become a Realtor
  • Set up a website, order PR materials (business cards, signs & branded clothing) & all needed office supplies
  • Establish working relationship with real estate professionals needed in any contractual agreement (lawyers, settlement agents mortgage, bankers, inspectors etc)
  • Learn how to market yourself & your business
  • Work with your Team/Mentors to know how to practically work with clients by shadowing other Realtors
  • Start working with clients to rent, buy & sell real estate
  • Take continuing education to keep up in an ever changing profession
  • Build a client base & referral system
  • GET BUSY on all levels to keep the business coming in & clients happy to return!