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Last summer, Debbie and I had the good fortune to utilize the services of Clarice Russeil at Salutation Station.  If you have been handed one of our business cards (as thousands have!), you’ve likely commented on how great we look on the card.  That’s the work of Clarice.  She made us look GOOD, and Professional, and Approachable, and Friendly, and Knowledgeable, and Dedicated, and Loyal, all in one image. 


Clarice recently broadcast an appeal to help her relocate her tiny, cramped office and studio. 20017_10153681618517923_7573650839684457499_n

I was Johnny-On-The-Spot, responded immediately, and Debbie and I were able to locate the Perfect new home for Salutation Station.  At 4023 Chain Bridge Rd, in the very Heart of Fairfax City, is The Joshua Gunnell House,  built between 1800 and 1830, right directly across the street from the Fairfax City Courthouse.  Not only are Clarice’s digs a wee bit Larger now, but she has this amazing room with so much character and potential to stage professional portraits.

 clarice1 clarice2 

She also has a beautiful brick and stone garden area with flowering trellis for outdoor shots! 30725309_787463331443603_9144668311638769664_n 

If you are a Realtor, Lawyer, Doctor, Salesman, or any professional that wants a great image on their business card or, to use anywhere in their marketing material, I cannot recommend her services highly enough.  Clarice is now venturing into video presentations, as well! 

So, take it from Debbie and me, Call Clarice Rousseil at 703-999-7341 for all your photographic and video-graphic needs!