Encompass Integrated Health




The best solutions in most things are prevention and early intervention.

The concern today is that with the fast pace of radical changes in every area of life, we have not kept up with the unintended fallout.  Many looking to understand thire situation, and spend hours speaking to people that have been trained to look at the world with outdated theories and understanding.  Even their protocols and treatments could be complicating the situation making viable solutions even harder to find.

Thus, when something throws us off our balance, the new approach is a individual-centered, team approach to look at all the pieces, compare to the latest research and understanding and map out the best individual approach given all the considerations that will actually make the situation better.

The goal is not a bandaid or a long term dependence.  The goal is empowered living with resources to build the needed team for each specific concern.

To resolve the concerns of today is out of the box thinkers that can use their situational awareness to identify the core issues, put together a viable plan with tools that work and effective resources to restore Integrated Health.



Life is a journey with peaks and valleys.  When we learn our own power over is our thoughts, our beliefs and our actions, we build our integrated health.  Empowerment is being authentic and acting in line with our best interests.  When we experience a crisis in life, and transmute the situation, we become more integrated and more empowered.  We become disempowered when we act against our best interests for the benefit others.


Integrated Health is the ability to live an empowered, balance life that integrates each step we take.  Everyone and every situation is different, thus having a team in place with resources is the needed key to make life good again.


The ability to maintain Integrated Health is a learned process that utilizes others as needed. 

The tools taught are how to expand:

  • Your perceptions to view the world.
  • Your ability to discern what is best.
  • Your action to take the next right step.


Integrated Health is the empowered decision on what is the best path forward in any given situation.  Thus, success is based on your efforts to build your tool box, your abilities of discernment, your situational awareness, your dynamic team, and your resources in all situations.  This is not dependence on others to resolve your problems.  Instead it is an empower process of building a team to support your proactive actions in life.