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The CLOUD Difference is that Chris & Debbie are not only dedicated to their Clients and their best interests, they are dedicated to the lifestyle of their clients and the areas in life that are important to well being and the future.  Chris & Debbie are willing to step up and make a stand, as seen in Fauquier County and their beloved islands where they spent so much time.  This page is dedicated to the projects Press Releases about these good works that ensure well being and support community!


Testimony of addiction and community support for Recovery Listening to the Passion and Needs of People

FAUQUIER NOW - Changing the conversation about drug addiction (February 10, 2018)

"The concoctions of heroin, Fentanyl and other substances people inhale or inject grow more dangerous. Yet, reported overdoses here continue to rise. Most of us cannot fathom what makes a human being jab a syringe of potential death into her arm or between his toes. But, struggling to understand, we continue to listen and to empathize. That saves lives, one can surmise from the dramatic decline in Fauquier overdose deaths last year. From the White House to the kitchen table, we acknowledge the complexity of addiction. Its ravages probably will continue as long as the human species survives. But, we must deal with the challenges of our time here."



 Marshall Murall Sam Welty Debbie & Chris Cloud Community Mural Project

FAUQUIER NOW - Marshall mural proposed for idle grain elevator (January 5, 2018)

"The couple, who lives near Marshall, chose Mr. Welty because they wanted a “true-to-life, realistic representation” of their ideas for the work, Mr. Cloud explains.  “Something you could be proud of,” his wife adds. The doctored image amounts to “basically a concept of what’s possible,” Mr. Cloud says.  If the project proceeds, details could include the Blue Ridge Mountains and other elements specific to Fauquier and the region, the couple suggests.  After discussions with Mr. Welty, who visited Marshall, the Clouds estimate the mural could cost up to $40,000, including the artist’s fee of $12,000 to $16,000."



Fauquier Now Open Community Public Hearing  Testimony of addiction and community support for Recovery

FAUQUIER NOW - Drug treatment center earns planners’ support (Don del Rosso, November 22, 2017)

"“We were a good face and voice of recovery,” Mr. Shinholser said. “We helped move the needle and reduce the stigma” of addiction recovery. 
“We shook a few (opponents) off the fence, but there’s still a core of entrenchment.” In April, Fauquier County’s jail — with the help of McShin — started a “peer-to-peer” counseling program. McShin and other groups in September began providing free counseling at the John Marshall Street building."



 Fauquier Town Hall Addressing Community Concerns The Clouds with Gillespie & Vogel

FAUQUIER NOW - Republicans continue their dominance in Fauquier (November 7, 2017)

"Despite Virginia’s blue statewide political trend, Fauquier County remained solidly red in Tuesday’s election. Although they lost statewide, Republican candidates carried every Fauquier precinct in voting for governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general and the Virginia House of Delegates."



Chris Cloud dedicated to Hurricane Relief

FAUQUIER NOW - Fauquier Couple Helping Hurricane Victims (Cassandra Brown, October 30, 2017)

"Moved by the effects of two hurricanes on their former island home, the Marshall residents jumped into action. Chris and Debbie Cloud knew they had to help the people of Jost van Dyke, a small part of the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. After managing a small resort on the island for the last 2-1/2 years, the couple moved back to Fauquier in March and started a real estate business..."



Private boat taking gathered Hurricane Relief Supplies to the Islands

WTOP (Washington DC) - Private boats sail off to help hurricane relief efforts in Virgin Islands (Kristi King, October 26, 2017)

WASHINGTON — One boat at a time, volunteered private sailing vessels are helping create a supply chain between the U.S. mainland and the Caribbean, to the tiny, hurricane-ravaged Jost Van Dyke of the British Virgin Islands. “We’ve organized several private vessels to augment the commercial shipping,” said Chris Cloud, who, together with his wife Debbie, lived on the island for more than two years and managed a small resort there. They moved back to Northern Virginia last spring..."



Mary Leigh McDaniel says the Board of Supervisors need another month to fine tune!

FAUQUIER NOW - Marshall Remains Divided About Zoning Changes (Don del Rosso, September 18, 2017)

"After years of study and public debate, the proposed Marshall code still needs work. Following an hour-long public hearing Thursday night, Fauquier’s board of supervisors postponed action on the 31-page document until Oct. 12, when it probably will decide the matter. Replacing most of the village’s existing downtown zoning, the “form-based” code would allow a wider range of uses and more of them by-right. It calls for creating three contiguous districts — “Town,” “Gateway” and “Residential” — and a corresponding historic and corridor district along Main Street and Winchester Road. ...Realtor Chris Cloud and others suggested the board adopt the proposals and revisit them in several years to determine their effectiveness. “If it’s proved to be unduly repressive, then it can be changed or shelved,” Mr. Cloud said."  October 12, 2017 - the Amended Marshall Code passed without the Architectural Review Board.



Humanitarian Aid after Hurricane Irma & Maria

FACEBOOK - JVD United - Global Family Alliance Project (The CLOUD Difference, September 5, 2017)

"Hurricane Irma & Maria (2 CAT5s) devastated Jost Van Dyke. The island is facing the hardest and darkest days of its current history. People are wanting TO DO SOMETHING TO HELP. We are hoping to provide updates and options to help in the effort of restore relief and rebuild JVD. Our community group (on island 2015) that was set up to help JVD in the time of need is JVD United. We stand as members of our community continuing this effort in its darkest hour. We are working on our new effort Global Family Alliance - and this is our first major project. Please join, contribute and work with us to build events to help the people of the island, and give back to an island that has given so much to the world. PLEASE HELP however you are called to help. Our friends and family need it. We are here and available to help get what what is needed! Thank you for your support of Jost Van Dyke."



Panel on Human Trafficking Current Trends & Effective Interventions

CNA PANEL - Global Family Alliance Research into Trends & Community Concerns (CNA Panel, August 10, 2017)

"Panelists from Virginia's Fairfax and Loudoun counties included local law enforcement agencies and their FBI partners, school administrators who work to prevent children from becoming trafficking victims, and county and private-sector service providers who support survivors. Valerie Schmitt presented CNA’s research findings that highlight best practices and lessons learned from law enforcement agencies, victim service organizations, and survivor advocates... In August 2017, CNA sponsored a panel discussion on strategies used by local communities to address the problem of child trafficking. Experts spoke on how communities leverage interdisciplinary partnerships to overcome challenges such as the increased role of technology in child trafficking, the complex emotional needs of child trafficking survivors, and access to appropriate housing and services." See CNA


CNA Panel Discussion: Trafficked Children in the U.S. from CNA on Vimeo.



Groups of Guests on a Mission happy with the Results Working to Ensure the Experience is Successful Having a Plan and Implementing all the Details is Vital

VIRGIN ISLANDS PROPERTY & YACHT - Vacation on Jost Van Dyke (Winter 2016)

"Hailing from California and Virginia with 50 years’ combined experience in the hospitality industry, new managers Debbie and Chris plan to further exceed guests’ expectations with a full-service resort model and enhanced concierge services. “We take pride in drawing our guests into adventures and local experiences they may not have thought of enjoying, and we delight in seeing the travelers relishing their new discoveries,” said managers Debbie and Chris."



Resort Island Needing Attention  Staff Dedicated to the Island Experience Working Everyday to Make the Magic Happen

ABACONIAN - Under New Management (Winter 2014)

"Now, the private island is under new management with a team headed by Debbie Pomeroy and Chris Cloud. With the approval of its owner, they plan to enhance the attractiveness of the Cay by combining culture, history, and by displaying the natural colours Mother Nature offers."