Clients' Reviews  

Thank you for the kind words. The best reviews are the ongoing referral of family and friends looking to buy or sell!


"A property in my care was to be listed immediately, and I needed help.  Chris and Debbie Cloud visited the day after the tenant moved out. Inside and outside were inspected along with copious notes and photos. Within 3 days a report for both pre-sale and marketing options was received. Thank you, Chris and Debbie. Your interest in our community for the past year has been observed, and much appreciated."

Michael R., Broad Run, VA (Fauquier County)



"CHRIS AND DEBBIE are truly Amazing!!! I want everyone to know that they are trusting and compassionate and they put a lot of thought and feeling behind every person/client. I would refer anyone looking for any type of real estate to use these two!! There definitely a team."

Natalie K., Client, Marshall, VA (Fauquier County)




"CHRIS & DEBBIE, we truly appreciate everything you two did for us!  Your support, patience & encouragement kept us going and we feel very blessed to have been teamed up with you both. We are still moving in and not even close to being finished unpacking but we are thoroughly enjoying... and Josh and our boys (dogs) have adjust beautifully which is such a huge relief." 

Lisa & Bob S., Clients, Haymarket, VA (Prince William County)



"GLOBAL FAMILY ALLIANCE [DEBBIE AND CHRIS] is one of the only organizations I’ve come across to truly focus on prevention, which I too believe is the key to stopping trafficking before it begins.  I’d love to talk with you more about your vision and how you’re integrating into local communities to make prevention efforts a reality."

Lisa B., Survivor, USA



"I just want you [DEBBIE] to know how grateful I am reading YOUR POSTS especially on issues about abuse and mental health. I am a School Counselor and an advocate on violence against women and children. Thank you so much for your very informative, substantive and educational posts. Keep posting!"

Jhona B., Professional Counselor, Philippines



"I worked with CHRIS & DEBBIE a couple of years ago when they managed a property in the hospitality industry.  I trust their hard-work, professionalism, and experience in property management would directly transferable to real estate.  They are kind and welcoming people, eager to help and will go out of their way for their clients' needs."

Lauren C., Professional Writer, Burlington, Ontario




Their [CHRIS & DEBBIE’s] professionalism was truly outstanding. They greeted us with an enthusiastic welcome and were at our side whenever we needed assistance. They co-coordinated our travel, managed the food procurement and were available 24/7 when help was needed . . .  The expression for their role . . . was “above and beyond” Any resort or luxury facility that requires the very best management skills should take advantage of what they have to offer.” 

Larry L., Guest, Veterinarian, CT 



“Criansa is grateful for CHRIS’ commitment and sense of responsibility to make a difference in people’s lives.  Moreover, his enthusiasm is contagious and his character and his character is impeccable.  I highly recommend … since he will enhance any environment with dedicated mind, heart, time and effort.

Cameron B., Executive Director, Criansa Connection, Inc.



“I have entrusted CHRIS with the care and maintenance of my personal residence and property [while overseas] . . . He is hardworking and honest and possesses myriad of skills, knowledge and experience.  Given virtually any task . . . Chris will get it done.  I have complete confidence in CHRIS and would not hesitate to recommend him as a valuable asset . . .”

Yale H., US Dept of State, US Embassy Kabul, Afghanistan



She [DEBBIE] could always be trusted to follow through . . . is efficient and focused and she holds herself to a high ethical standard. She demonstrates a creative ability and drive to seek solutions of complex problems. Deborah is a team player and has good communication skills. She deserves the highest praise for her dedication and diligent contribution to projects. If there ever becomes a time whereby she could work for me . . . I would not hesitate to seize the opportunity. Any company [Client] would benefit from her remarkable talents.”

Donna C., Director Bioasys Environmental Consulting, Fairfax, VA



“I have known Deborah [DEBBIE] very well for the past twenty years and feel she is one of the strongest, emotionally healthy, intelligent, and generous people I've known in my life . . . I have met very few women, not to mention people, whom I would consider recommending unconditionally and unequivocally for a position of high visibility and responsibility. Among Deborah [DEBBIE] Sue Pomeroy’s strengths, I would list her perseverance, her determination, her ability to accomplish difficult goals and to meet unusual challenges with a positive attitude and amazing resilience.”

Maurine K., Professional Psychoanalyst, Bethesda, MD



"Deborah Sue Pomeroy [DEBBIE] is a gifted and extremely creative individual who has the capacity to work hard towards reaching a goal. She is an excellent researcher and unusually capable of intellectually integrating large quantities of information. She is outstanding in mathematics and solving puzzles/investigations over an extensive time period. She is goal oriented.  She is highly recommended."

Eleanor B., Director International Healing House, NGO working with Terror Victims, Military Civilian, Retired, Ketchikan, AK