CD ENCOMPASS - Strategic Consultation


STRATEGY without TACTICS is the slowest route to victory, TACTICS without STRATEGY is the noise before defeat.” 
Sun Tsu, Ancient Chinese Military strategist


No matter what your project is, you have to see the options and make a plan!

CHRIS LIKES TO SAY:  “Talent without discipline is like an octopus on roller skates. There's plenty of movement, but you never know if it's going to be forward, backwards, or sideways.” (H. Jackson Brown Jr.)



Chris & Debbie Cloud's Consulting is a dynamic approach to Project Development that is all inclusive combining all the aspects needed to successfully achieve positive results.  Dedicated to the dynamic relationships involved, their focus is on integrity, efficiency, authenticity and sustainability.  Chris & Debbie are both systems minded, yet see things from different perspectives.   In an evolving world requires big picture thinking with great attention to details, while being dynamic as everything keeps any project or business relevant and purposeful.

The goal is success through integrity, longevity and positive outcomes.




The team of Chris & Debbie Cloud, believe that many current systems today have taken out the common sense and humanity that is needed to meet goals.  There are missing components that are vital to a true success.  Many succeed, yet ultimately at what cost?  Other do not when frustrations grow when expectations do not meet reality.  When the work out weight the original purpose, throws everything out of wack.  The clearer picture of the current situation along with understanding the desired outcomes, a mapped step by step plan can be set up and implemented to create exactly what you are trying to achieve.  Doing this with integrity and authenticity that is both efficient and sustainable is the best of all worlds.




Chris & Debbie have worked with all kinds of people in all stations in life.  There are many different philosophies on how to work with people.  The best model is one that works between talented partners pulling the best of what everyone offers to what you truly want.  The old model of pushing everyone off and being king of the hill is no longer acceptable in today's standards.  People are getting wise to the trickery and mockery of coercive manipulation, and that too is on the way out.  The world is starting to demand better options, turning back the clock and time marches that allows more direct answers to make things happen.

STEP UP AND BUILD your best life right now, one step at a time.  You start right here.  Ultimately you know what your dream truly is.  Now some confusion, upset or fears get in the way.  Chris & Debbie get to the heart of the matter, and make a plan from here to there taking in the considerations you lay out.  We facilitate what you want in a way that makes it possible.